Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dec. 27!

Hello Readers!

I hope that everyone had a pleasant holiday. 

Reminder: There are 5 days left for the holiday prices on American Princess, Be Normal, and The Incredible Boy. 

I have a little preview for the newest book in the Justin series

This new book features Justin with his granddad (my dad). It is another rhyme and picture picture book. It's about 40 pages long. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Prices

Hello Beautiful Readers!

What are you reading this season?
I'm reading Nuno. 
And I am still working on my projects.

The prices for American Princess, Be Normal, and The Incredible Boy are down until the end of December.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Update: November 2, 2024

Hello Beautiful Readers!

There is a new tab for The Incredible Boy book series, which will now be called the Justin series

Today, I finished the first draft of the new book in Justin's series.
The current title is: The Curious Boy.

Now the timeline for book releases is a little crazy and uncertain.
Still, I have an estimated release list on the left.

I will update as things unfold.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Updates: November 2014

Hello Beautiful People!

It's November 1st and it is FREEZING outside. For me, it's a bitter sweet time of year. I love that Christmas is coming near, a season filled with cheer, but with it comes the cold. Thank goodness I have books, my projects, and loved ones to keep me warm.

I would love it if snow wasn't cold and could fall on a pleasant 76 degree day. Well that's just me living in a fantasy land.

Now down to business.
  1. Prices are down from now until the end of December. $10.80 for American Princess and Be Normal, print editions. 
  2. All kindle books are $0.99
  3. The KindleMatch for each book is FREE.
  4. I'm making changes to the website. I found a few things outdated. Yikes! I made modifications where needed.  
  5. I rediscovered a few cool places on the site I haven't thought about in awhile. For instance, I was pleasantly surprised by a link under the American Princess tab. There is a cute quiz I made and then forgot all about.  
  6. A few covers have been redesigned for the kindle.  
That's all for now.

Enjoy the site.
Thanks for checking it out.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Update: October 31, 2014

Hello Readers!

Here are some price changes 
for the holidays!

Pick up a book for a great price,
cuddle up with a warm blanket,
and enjoy!

Print: $10.8o
Kindle: $ o.99
Kindle MatchBook: FREE

Print: $10.8o
Kindle: $ o.99
Kindle MatchBook: Free


Print: $ 7.6o
Kindle: $o.99
Kindle MatchBook: FREE


Here is how Kindle MatchBook works:
When you purchase a Print copy of one  of my books from Amazon, you get the Kindle version for a discounted price or for free. For the holiday season all books by Brittany are FREE for Matchbook. 

To purchase a book scroll to the bottom of the page to add a book to the Amazon Cart.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 2014: Thank you

BIG thank yo
to  everyone  who   purchased 
any of my books, to those who left a review,
and for all of the support. 


Sunday, October 5, 2014

The run down of deals: October 2-9

Kindle Deal:
Deal begins 10-02-14.
Ends 10-09-14
Price starting at $0.99, & rises each day

Kindle Deal:
Deal begins 10-02-14.
Ends 10-09-14
Price remains at $0.99

More Kindle special offers coming in: November

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Update October 1 2014: Specials

In honor of the Incredible Boy's birthday, the picture book 
The Incredible Boy will be FREE on the Kindle & Kindle app on 
*offer ended

--Kindle Countdown Deals--
American Princess: deal starts 10-02-14
                                  deal ends    10-09-14
          *price starts at $0.99 on Thursday

Be Normal:              deal starts 10-02-14
                                  deal ends   10-09-14
                          *price remains at $0.99

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Books: September 3 2014

Print & Ebook

American Princess: 
Print book with the current discount: $14.40

Kindle ebook: $5.00
text-to-speech enable/full color ebook 
Prime book borrowed is $0.00
Kindle Matchbook: $0.99

Be Normal: 
Print book with the current discount: $11.70

Kindle ebook is now $5.00
text-to-speech enable 
Prime book borrowed is $0.00
Kindle Matchbook: FREE

The Incredible Boy: 
Print book with the current discount is $7.60
Full Color Illustrations

Kindle ebook is now $0.99
text-to-speech enable 
Prime book borrowed is $0.00
Kindle Matchbook: FREE

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Aug. 10-17. First Week Home

It is pleasant and relaxing to finally be home in Michigan after four weeks in Sri Lanka. It is also strange to be home. It is not as easy of a transition as I thought it would be. Home is not different. I am different.

I became home sick very fast, while I was away from family, friend, and the best cat in the whole world (lol. My tiny homage to a character). But there were many more weeks to go and I had many more experiences and bugs waiting for me.

I struggled with a lot but luckily I had my compainion to help me through each day of the trip.

Being home is easy and safe,but it feels a little odd. I miss the crazy adventure. I miss teaching. I miss the purpose. I miss the intensity of each day. I miss much more than I thought I would. 

All of that aside, I am very happy to be with my familiy, friend, and the best cat in the whole world. 

My first adventure has enlightened me to many things. I feel open. Like opening my arms to embrace the world, to embrace something much bigger than myself.
Not quite flying yet, but gettting there. Hopefully.

Readers, you may wonder why I continue to write about my adventure. Well, I continue because my experiences will affect my stories. I am very happy about that fact. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Adventures in Sri Lanka July-August

Hello Readers!

My journey aboad is coming to an end. I have had many new and unbelievable experiences. I have tasted new, interesting, and crazy foods. And very spicy foods! 

I traveled to the remains of an ancient palace on a gigantic rock called Sigiriya. I went to the elephant orphanage. I swam in the Indian Ocean. I went to the tippy top of a spire called Ambuluwawa. (Will post pictures laters).

As I mentioned before, there have been ups and some downs along my journey. Still, I am happy that I am on this adventure for a few reasons. 

This is my first time away from home, my first jouney and adventure. I am learning new things and trying new things. It is not easy leaving the comfort, reliability, and sancuary of home and venturing out into an unknown far away land. This adventure/lesson is a good thing for me and for my writing. Sri Lanka, its beauty, and the diffuculties that come along with taking a chance have inspired me. 

Unfortunately, I wasnt able to bring any of my stories with me so I'll have to wait until Ii get back home before working on and concluding some stories.

I have been very busy visiting with many nice people and helping teach art classes here in Sri Lanka.

Well, I have to get going. I have one final class in the morning.

 Bye for now.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Trip Abroad: July 10- August 10

Hello Readers!

I am currently out of the counrty. I am on an adventure in the beuatiful teardrop shaped country Sri Lanka. It is a fun and diffuclt adventure. The weather is alway wonderful even when it is a rainy, hot, or cold. Here in the city of Gampola it is pretty much perfect. Its the perefct amount of warmth, or nice and a little rainy, or nice and a little hot, or nice and a little cool. 

Sri Lanka is an island located near the bottom of India. According to legend, Sri Lanka is where Adam and Eve resided after being banished from the Garden of Eden. There is a place here called Adams Peak where there is a gaint imprint in the earth of what looks like a foot. I have not visited this place. Its a really long walk to get there. 

I have been to some other really exciting places, which i will have to talk about in later on.

I've been pretty busy almost all of my time here. 

I'll write more when I have the opportunity.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Update: June 23 2014

Part One:

Hey Everyone!

I've been busy as of late but I did not forget about my stories.
I haven't updated the books releases since April and I wont do it now since things are pretty much the same as before.

A Quick Thank You:

I would like to thank all of those who attended Release! Book & CD Expo.

I would like to thank Craig. A Combs, the man in charge, and fellow writers who helped make my first experience easy and enjoyable.

As well I would like to thank the musicians who entertained us all throughout the evening.

(Anyone wishing to contact me directly from last can find me on my author Facebook page: Upon request I will give out my dedicated email address.)