Friday, January 4, 2013


I am currently producing the audio versions of Be Normal (for Audible & iTunes). 


  1. Interesting the things you find on a Sunday afternoon

    An author huh? Proud :)

    Miss you always


  2. Any of your books you recommend? I'd like to read one :)

    1. Hmm... great question. "American Princess" is lengthy, deep, whimsical, and has a lot to offer but I have to admit it might seem girly from a guys perspective so I'd say "Be Normal" is for you.

      "Be Normal" is about an imperfect smarty-pants who is completely out of sync with everyone and especial her parents. It's kind of a dark humor story where some things are very normal and other things are completely off but people still act like everything is ordinary.

      Both are good stories(in my opinion ;) but they are very different (and my writing style for each were different). "AP" is more mainstream and "BN" is cult(ish) and bolder.

      But if you want a short super quick read than get the children's picture book "The Incredible Boy".

  3. I had big ideas in 2013. Audiobooks. This is a dream of mine that is finally on its way to becoming a reality in 2020! Lov, Brittany


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