Explore the middle-grade novel "American Princess". Enter Penny's world which starts off so normal and ends up turning wildly upside down as the days pass on. Click the American Princess tab  to watch the book trailer. 
 Venture to "Be Normal" where Zoe Abigail Cozy lives. It is an avenue that is not as ordinary as it seems.

       Come, let's go hear about a smart and hardworking man named "Mr. Johnson".  What can we learn from his story?

    Take a trip into the Justin! Series with "The Incredible Boy" and "Justin! The Curious Boy" . Justin is an inquisitive and energetic boy who loves to play, play, play all day, day, day. 

Hang out with the shy girl "Brittany in a Box" and discover what she has to offer. Maybe you can help her make a few new discoveries along the way. 

     Explore the artist's mind, 

and most importantly enjoy.


The Author's Profile!

People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.