Monday, June 17, 2013


Here are just a few book recommendations based off of what I have read:

Books and Series:

Harry Potter!
Cathy Vickers Trilogy!
His Dark Materials!

The Hunger Games
Screwing Up Time Series

Where the Sidewalk Ends

A Series of Unfortunate Events-I kind of recommend this.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid-I recommend the early books in this series.

(Maybe) Daughters of the Moon-Years ago I would have recommended this series.
(Maybe) Children of the Sea (Manga)-If you have the patience.


Ralph Waldo Emserson
Dan Brown
Frances Hodgson Burnett
Jane Austen
Edgar Allen Poe

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  1. Hey, Brittany! I'm so glad to hear how much you've enjoyed my Screwing Up Time novels! It makes writing so worthwhile. Thanks!!


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