Saturday, November 1, 2014

Updates: November 2014

Hello Beautiful People!

It's November 1st and it is FREEZING outside. For me, it's a bitter sweet time of year. I love that Christmas is coming near, a season filled with cheer, but with it comes the cold. Thank goodness I have books, my projects, and loved ones to keep me warm.

I would love it if snow wasn't cold and could fall on a pleasant 76 degree day. Well that's just me living in a fantasy land.

Now down to business.
  1. Prices are down from now until the end of December. $10.80 for American Princess and Be Normal, print editions. 
  2. All kindle books are $0.99
  3. The KindleMatch for each book is FREE.
  4. I'm making changes to the website. I found a few things outdated. Yikes! I made modifications where needed.  
  5. I rediscovered a few cool places on the site I haven't thought about in awhile. For instance, I was pleasantly surprised by a link under the American Princess tab. There is a cute quiz I made and then forgot all about.  
  6. A few covers have been redesigned for the kindle.  
That's all for now.

Enjoy the site.
Thanks for checking it out.

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