Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Trip Abroad: July 10- August 10

Hello Readers!

I am currently out of the counrty. I am on an adventure in the beuatiful teardrop shaped country Sri Lanka. It is a fun and diffuclt adventure. The weather is alway wonderful even when it is a rainy, hot, or cold. Here in the city of Gampola it is pretty much perfect. Its the perefct amount of warmth, or nice and a little rainy, or nice and a little hot, or nice and a little cool. 

Sri Lanka is an island located near the bottom of India. According to legend, Sri Lanka is where Adam and Eve resided after being banished from the Garden of Eden. There is a place here called Adams Peak where there is a gaint imprint in the earth of what looks like a foot. I have not visited this place. Its a really long walk to get there. 

I have been to some other really exciting places, which i will have to talk about in later on.

I've been pretty busy almost all of my time here. 

I'll write more when I have the opportunity.


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