Thursday, August 7, 2014

Adventures in Sri Lanka July-August

Hello Readers!

My journey aboad is coming to an end. I have had many new and unbelievable experiences. I have tasted new, interesting, and crazy foods. And very spicy foods! 

I traveled to the remains of an ancient palace on a gigantic rock called Sigiriya. I went to the elephant orphanage. I swam in the Indian Ocean. I went to the tippy top of a spire called Ambuluwawa. (Will post pictures laters).

As I mentioned before, there have been ups and some downs along my journey. Still, I am happy that I am on this adventure for a few reasons. 

This is my first time away from home, my first jouney and adventure. I am learning new things and trying new things. It is not easy leaving the comfort, reliability, and sancuary of home and venturing out into an unknown far away land. This adventure/lesson is a good thing for me and for my writing. Sri Lanka, its beauty, and the diffuculties that come along with taking a chance have inspired me. 

Unfortunately, I wasnt able to bring any of my stories with me so I'll have to wait until Ii get back home before working on and concluding some stories.

I have been very busy visiting with many nice people and helping teach art classes here in Sri Lanka.

Well, I have to get going. I have one final class in the morning.

 Bye for now.

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