Friday, April 27, 2018

April 27th 2018

Today is the 8 year anniversary of "American Princess".
This all started because I had a fun (or silly) idea to write a story about a princess who goes on an adventure, a princess story about an ordinary girl with an extraordinary personality. 
I said my idea out loud and at the time 
I didn't actually know what I started. I started a fire inside of myself. 
Soon it wasn't just an abstract idea. I actually brainstormed, sat at my computer, created an outline of who my princess would be, and then I was truly writing my first novel. A complete story.
I became a writer. I could hardly believe it.
My love of drawing and writing came together perfectly 
for this composition.

As always, I thank my parents first. I thank them 
for giving my a firm foundation, for believing in me,
and supporting me.
My mother is my first and favorite reviewer.
She is also my #1 editor.

I had a few extra editors and reviewers on this project. So, thank you thank, thank,
Maria and 

Thank you family and friends who first read my work and gave me feedback.

AND a BIG THANKS to all the readers who have read my work 
and took the time to review it.

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