Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Poem 1

           Endless Rhyme (working title) is a collection of poems that so far summarize the past 25 years of living. It is separated into several different categories such as love, loss, dreams, and all that lies in between.  Below is a poem some maybe familiar with already. It is from American Princess. It is included in my Dreamer Poems for the reasons I created it. It is included in the dreamer section because sometimes the sentiment feels like a lovely dream.

Everything Nice

Painted hearts upon a dresser drawer
Starry eyes of dreams galore
Gems of all shapes and colors
Loveliness born of no other
Soda pops and sugary treats
Moms, dads;
And brothers with stinky feet
Desperate grapple with the factual
Pleated skirts and untended hurts
Friends and frienemies
No money can buy
Boys, toys, making tons of noise
Hate and fate with no escape
Envy, joy, and all the above
Roses, Daises
Daffodils, Crazies
Shoes, blues, and funky hair dos
Innocuous wants and toxic avenues
Hopes and fears
Too many tears
Heaven’s angels
And Man’s frailty               (2008: American Princess)

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