Saturday, December 15, 2012

Normalcy, Normality, and Functionality

     The story line for the book "Be Normal" actually came about from a brain-storming session for American Princess ideas. "Be Normal" seemed like a novel idea (but not for "American Princess") so I put the idea aside for another day.
Thankfully, I got around to writing it.

     "Be Normal" is edgier than "American Princess". It goes into an array of different social areas. 

...To be or not to be normal... that is the pertinent question...

     This idea actually originated as a full scene (like a movie playing in my head) that would become the first chapter (only slightly altered from the original version). 
     This book is done in diary form. The main character's name is Zoë Abigail Cozy and her best friend is her tabby cat, Mr. Higgins. Obviously, she is not normal. She is a social outcast at school and at home. 
     This story allowed me to explore prejudices, complexities, stereotypes, and oddities, among my quirky cast. 
     This story involves life's pain. It is about choosing who you want to be and acknowledging what you really are.
    Life is not easy for anyone. Especially not for Zoë. The least anyone can do a be oneself along life's journey. Even so, it is not that easy.

Be Normal or Beware

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